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C-MAP has been the force behind the evolution of electronic charting. It is currently the world leader in the electronic cartography industry in terms of production capacity, sales volume of data and plotter systems as well as scientific contributions and technical innovations in the industry.

Since the introduction of radar, no other technology has revolutionized the industry like that of electronic charting. C-MAP has been the pioneer of this technology. C-MAP USA, located on Cape Cod is one of 15 companies in the C-MAP family located in eleven countries throughout the world.

C-MAP USA's primary mission is to produce and distribute electronic charts in its territory of the Americas. These electronic charts are used in over 25 different marine electronics manufacturer's charting systems. The basic use of these electronic charting systems is to graphically show you were you are, where you've been and where you're going.

Two other companies have their home on Cape Cod with C-MAP USA, they are
C-MAP Aviation & C-MAP Commercial.

C-MAP Aviation provides electronic charts to the general aviation community. In addition, they also market and sell a vehicle tracking/monitoring system custom designed for airport use.

C-MAP Commercial is responsible for the sales and marketing of electronic charts for the commercial shipping & military market sector.

C-MAP USA's customers are many; they range from small recreational boaters using small-dedicated chartplotters to aircraft carriers sailing around the world with advanced electronic charting systems.

Our electronic chart database contains over 14,000 charts covering virtually every harbor and port throughout the world. The electronic chart data is available on several different mediums; C-cards or Cartridges for the dedicated chartplotters and CD's & floppy disks for PC use.

In addition to the marine market, C-MAP has also developed an Inland database of electronic charts or maps to meet the growing demand for this technology by boaters in the nations interior.

The Super Lake Series, a growing list of over 75 of the most popular lakes in the United States and Canada, are highly detailed, large-scale maps containing bottom contours and detailed local shoreside information to include, but not limited to, marinas, boat launching areas and campsites.

C-MAP USA and its sister companies employ over fifty people at their Cape Cod offices. Their operations include obtaining paper chart data from government sources, digitizing the data, editing and transferring the data to readable cartridges. The hardware to read the cartridges is produced by C-MAP USA's foreign affiliates. Sales, marketing and advertising for the United States are all coordinated on Cape Cod.

Ken Cirillo, Vice President and General Manager oversees the operations of the United States affiliated companies. Ken's experience includes several years as an officer with the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association serving on vessels conducting mapping surveys and scientific research.

In 1992, C-MAP USA spun-off from its original technology partner and became responsible for its own financial and accounting management. At that point the company had five employees and was operating out of a small office. Ken contacted Nick Puniello to guide them through the establishment of a comprehensive accounting system. The company grew rapidly and the accounting function grew exponentially. Nick has guided C-MAP in establishing an inventory control system, reporting to the foreign parent company and eventually accounting for transactions with fifteen affiliated companies. "The tax and accounting issues mounted and we have been able to rely on Nick for sound advice during our rapid growth stage" said Ken Cirillo.

For additional information on any of the above information, please visit our web site at or call Ken Cirillo at 508-477-8010.

133 Falmouth Road
Mashpee, MA 02649

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