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Accounting Systems Financing Advice
Business Plans Financial Statements
Business Planning Litigation Support
Business Valuations Mergers and Acquisitions
Divorce Consulting Tax Planning
Estate Planning Tax Preparation
Financial Planning Tax Research

Accounting Systems The accounting system captures valuable information required to manage a profitable business. We help clients develop the appropriate system for them, from the simple general ledger software packages (such a Quickbooks) to sophisticated integrated systems. We encourage and guide our clients to be self-sufficient and to prepare their own monthly financial statements and reports.

Business Plans Most companies use business plans to obtain financing. The business plan should more importantly be used by the business to guide the managers in growing the company for a one to three year period. We have guided clients in developing the Mission Statement, preparing the industry analysis, and preparing the financial projections.

Business Planning We function as our clients' strategic business advisors. We help clients plan for specific business events. These include the formation of a new division, or the development of a new product or service. It can also include determining the appropriate time to add new employees.

Business Valuations Business valuations can be prepared for a variety of reasons. These include selling a business, buying a business, financing, divorce, partnership dispute, litigation, tax purposes or estate planning. We review the history of the business, its prospects for the future, and determine the appropriate method to value the business.

Divorce Consulting Divorce is a stressful and emotional time for both parties. We guide clients through the tax and business aspects of divorce. This includes property settlements, child support, alimony, division of retirement plan assets, and business valuation. We also review the divorce agreement before it is finalized.

Estate Planning We work with the clients' team of professionals (attorney, insurance agent, investment manager) to minimize estate taxes. This can include a gifting program, passing the business to the next generation, or funding the tax payment with life insurance. These strategies could be affected by the use of trusts or other vehicles.

Financial Planning Clients are faced with various financial issues throughout different stages of their lives. A younger couple may need to save for the purchase of their first house or to fund their childrens' education. Middle aged couples may want to save for a vacation home or for retirement. Older couples may be concerned with retirement income, nursing home costs or estate taxes. We help clients prioritize their goals and implement a plan to meet their objectives.

Financing Advice There are numerous sources of financing available for businesses throughout various stages of their development. This includes traditional bank financing, equipment leasing, asset based lending, Small Business Association, government agencies, venture capital and private equity. We guide our clients through the maze of financing alternatives and help them locate and choose the appropriate financing source.

Financial Statements We prepare compiled or reviewed financial statements for clients who require them for financing, bonding or for reporting to investors. These are usually required on an annual basis. Compiled statements are appropriate when the third party reading the statements just wants them to be in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles. Reviewed statements are appropriate when the third party wants limited assurance that the financial statements have been reviewed by a CPA and that we have performed analytical procedures on them.

Litigation Support We have worked with attorneys to guide them through the financial issues involved in litigation. This has included the value of the business, the investigation of the financial activity of a business and the computation of lost profits. We are sometimes called upon to testify in court as an expert witness.

Mergers and Acquisitions We have represented both buyers and sellers of businesses, as well as parties to the marriage of two businesses and the separation of two businesses. These services have included the valuation of the business, price and structure of the sale, performing due diligence studies, identifying financing options, and assisting in the structure and negotiation of the deal.

Tax Planning Most individuals and businesses have the ability to manipulate their income tax liability to a certain extent. We work with our clients to project their income tax liability before the end of the year to determine what steps should be taken to reduce their tax. This can include accelerating deductions, deferring income, buying or selling assets. The wrong time to try to reduce your tax liability is when you are preparing your income tax return.

Tax Preparation We work with clients to prepare their income tax returns. We prepare income tax returns for individuals, S corporations, C corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, trusts and tax exempt organizations.

Tax Research In the business world very few transactions are exactly alike. Thus, the tax ramifications of the particular transaction must be reviewed to determine the tax effects to the client. We have an extensive tax and business library, and the skilled staff to research the tax and business ramifications of business transactions. We are often times able to restructure the transaction to save our clients time and money.